Our products are designed, manufactured and stocked here in the UK and this is something we are proud of as a company. We bring together the unique craftsmanship from leading British companies in a range of industries from metal fabrication, injection moulding, wood working, and upholstery.

Building close manufacturing relationships is key to the success of our products and commitment to quality. Being able to pick up the phone or drive down the road to collaborate with suppliers and solve problems is important to our process and the unique development of our products.

We carry large stocks of components so that our products can be easily customised and delivered with short time frames and where that bespoke treatment is required our locality enables us to easily respond to special customer requests to alter colours, fabrics and finishes on the fly.

We work with our suppliers to ensure our materials are sourced in the most sustainable way and made under ethical working conditions. Supporting local manufacturing not only means high quality and short lead times, but importantly supports local industry, jobs and communities around the UK.